A beginning and a future for Red Gamut

A beginning and a future for Red Gamut
February 18, 2017 Reece

The beginning… but why?

I started Red Gamut LLC to be the business side of my various adventures. Beginning with woodworking and The Althoff Woodshop. My adventures at the Woodshop are most visible on Instagram and YouTube (which was featured on Popular Mechanics website as well, that was awesome, to say the least). As I started to make custom items for sale instead of just my family, it only made sense to set up the business entity.

Red Gamut Logo

What to expect

My initial goal for this website is to be a ‘corporate presence’ for the Red Gamut LLC business entity. It will not have up to date happenings of the Althoff Woodshop or any other side venture. To keep up with those, go directly to them. Look for generic information and how to contact me for business related items.

I might at some point add posts about random business related items on here, but nothing is planned as of this time.

Staying up to date

The best way to stay current and up to date with Red Gamut is by following it on Instagram and/or Twitter. Checking back here once in a while doesn’t hurt either. If you have ideas for content, shoot me a tweet, a message on here or just leave a comment below.

I am excited to see where this takes me. I hope you will enjoy following me on this ride.




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