Review: Everlance Mileage and Expense Tracker

Review: Everlance Mileage and Expense Tracker
February 20, 2017 Reece


First and foremost, this is NOT a paid review or a paid endorsement. At the time of this writing, I am only using the free and not Premium version of Everlance (for iOS). Let’s face it, as a startup, I have to save every penny I can. At this early stage, I am unable to justify any non-critical expenses. That all being said, let’s take a look at the free version and what it offers.

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Everlance Mileage Tracking

This is the feature I was looking for when I stumbled across Everlance. You get a trial of the premium version when you initially setup the app. It is a nice preview of what features you get when you upgrade, and you are not stranded with a worthless app when the trial is over. Another nice feature is the app does not automatically surprise you with a paid subscription and start charging you.

I found it easy to setup for mileage tracking. I set up two categories for work related miles: woodworking and consulting. When it auto-logs a trip, I just go and swipe the trip to categorize it. Simple.

Everlance Swipe

Photo from their press kit. My current deduction is nowhere near that.

Since I don’t have Everlance Premium (yet) it allows 30 trips to be logged per month. At this point, that is sufficient. It is also easy to go in after the trip and manually add it. It is just like trying to get directions from Google Maps. There is even a handy switch for ‘Round Trip’ so you don’t have to enter one trip as two.

Everlance Expense Tracking

As of the time of this writing, I only have one expense logged. However, that one experience was just as easy and straight forward as the mileage logging. The swipe methodology for categorizing expenses is here as well, for the categories you set up. In the Premium version, you are able to connect to your business bank account for it to automatically retrieve your transaction data for you to swipe away at categorizing.

Everlance Expense

Photo from their press kit.

I don’t know about you, but I always forget to keep all of my receipts and log them manually on a spreadsheet. Though at this point for me it is manageable since I do less than a dozen transactions a month. If things pick up, this will be a feature I very much look forward to having access to with the premium service.


The pricing for Everlance Premium is very reasonable I think (even for a penny pincher like myself).  It is currently $8 per month if you elect to pay monthly or its $5 per month if you pay annually (so $60). At the current mileage rate of $0.535, it would only take 113 miles to pay for itself for the annual subscription rate.


Though just starting with this app a few weeks ago, and logging just a few trips and only one expense, I can confidently say I really like this app. Once I feel it necessary and I can justify the expense of upgrading to Everlance Premium, I will very likely do so. What are your thoughts on it? Comment below.


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